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Genova Valley is a lateral alpine valley of the Val Rendena, which can be reached near the town of Carisolo.

A prominent element in the Val Genova landscape is the wealth of water. Val Genova is the "Valley of the Waterfalls". Going up from Carisolo you will first encounter the spectacular Nardis Waterfalls; the Casòl waterfalls descends from the wild Val Siniciaga, continuing on to meet the Làres and Folgorìda waterfalls.

On the valley, the Sarca river also forms spectacular water jumps: those of Casina Muta, Stablèi, Pedrùc, Pont delle Cambiali, Mandron are the best known.
Frequent and always unexpected are the encounters with the alpine fauna in the woods and clearings of this valley, represented in particular by the Chamois, the Marmot, the Roe deer, the Ptarmigan, the Black grouse, the Capercaillie and, increasingly frequent, the Brown Bear.

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Distance from Pinzolo: 10 minutes, 5 km

Distance from Madonna di Campiglio: 20 minutes, 13 km

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